İngilizce Seviye Belirleme Testi – Psikoloji

ingilizce seviye belirleme testi psikoloji
Aşağıda yer alan test, 50 sorudan oluşan bir İngilizce seviye belirleme testidir. İngilizce seviye belirleme testi, psikoloji alanından içeriklerden oluşmakta olup sizin psikoloji bilginizi değil yalnızca İngilizce seviyenizi ölçmek için geliştirilmiştir.

Her sorunun yalnızca tek bir doğru yanıtı vardır.

Lütfen her soruyu yanıtlayınız ve hiçbir soruyu boş bırakmayınız. Sözlük, çeviri, vs. kullanmayınız.


1.The word “Psychology” ____ from Greek words “ψυχή (psyche)” and “-λογία –logia”.
2.Psychologists ____ scientists studying human mind and behavior.
3.Carl G. Jung was a psychiatrist. Freud was ____ friend long time ago.
4.Jung was ____.
5.Gestalt therapy is ___ form of psychotherapy and ___ founder of Gestalt therapy is Fritz Perls.
6.______ many subfields of psychology. Clinical psychology, experimental psychology, and forensic psychology __ some of them.
7.Cognitive behavioral therapists ____ the subconscious.
8.Right now, I ____ about neuropsychology. I learnt that Öget Öktem Tanör established ___ first neuropsychology laboratory in Turkiye.
9.Melanie Klein ___ an Austrian-British author and psychoanalyst in 20th century.
10.____ a psychologist for your kid? Yes, she feels down these days.
11.Among experimental psychologists, Wilhelm Wundt was ___ Edward Titchener.
12.Irvin Yalom is a great psychotherapist. We’re going ___ him when we go to the US in the future.
13.According to ethical principles, a psychologist _____ personal information of her/his patients.
14.There aren’t ___ logical cognitive distortions for human.
15.The amygdala, a part of limbic system, is ____ to the hypothalamus.
16.People usually ___ dreams during REM sleep.
17.Pavlov ____ on dogs when he found classical conditioning.
18.____ seen the book “When Nietzsche Wept”?
19.Judith Beck has been a representative of CBT ___ many years.
20.You ____ teach me Skinner Box. I know it.
21.Richard was sick last week ___ he ____ attend research methods classes.
22.Some people ___ have obsessive compulsive disorder clean over and over.
23.If I ___ you, I ____ read everything about personality theories.
24.Jung and Freud ____ long time ago but they disagreed and stopped being friends.
25.Mr. Lightman analyses body language _____ anyone else I know.
26.I promise I ____ Freud’s books as soon as I’ve finished watching Freud on Netflix.
27.ABC Model ___ by Albert Ellis in 1955.
28.They said that Rose ____ to eat anything at all because she was suffering from bulimia nervosa.
29.We must find a topic for the homework! How about ____ the evolution of reciprocal altruism of Trivers?
30.Madam, could you ____ me the faculty gate, please?
31.I wasn’t interested in forensic psychology when I was at the first grade. ______
32.Bion discussed the alpha function for the first time in an article titled “A Theory of Thinking”; ____, it was based on Melanie Klein’s concept.
33.I _____ the approach of Jacques Lacan and I can’t wait to understand at least something until tomorrow.
34._____ person-centered therapy, Carl Rogers identifies that each person has the capacity and desire for personal growth and change.
35.Psychology _____ as a sub-field of philosophy until 19th century when Wundt opened a psychology laboratory in Germany.
36.We can’t pass the exams ____ we study hard.
37.If Albert Ellis hadn’t got psychoanalytic therapy for himself, ____ he still be a good therapist?
38.Benjamin _____ child development, he can’t get along with kids. Now he is regretful.
39.They are looking forward ____ at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital.
40.Was it Erikson ___ psychosocial development?
41.You can do breathing exercises in order to ____ stress.
42.People with OCD have compulsive acts to ____ obsessions.
43.Adele listens ___ interviews of Steven Hayes to understand acceptance and commitment therapy.
44.Happiness, sadness, anger, and disgust are all _____, which are necessary to experience in life.
45.If you ____ to your therapist about your feelings, s/he will do the best to help you.
46.World psychologists day is ___ the 10th of May.
47.____ APA 7 format, keywords of your thesis should be italicized.
48.The findings of the current study demonstrated ____ fear of COVID-19 was ____ with internet addiction disorder.
49.The increase in risk for PTSD is found ____ in abused children, ____ in those neglected.
50.I am _____ in Aristo’s work because he has very ____ ideas.