İngilizce Kelime Testi

1.Sergio recently changed his …. . He used to be an accountant, but now he’s a real estate agent.
2.Joana doesn’t like speaking English in front of others because she is not …. in her English skills.
3.After two hours of hard working out, the coach felt that his players …. a break.
4.Forest fires can start naturally; for example, when …. strikes the ground during a storm.
5.They weren’t in a safe area, so Hector …. Sean to his car from the restaurant.
6.Stewie …. driving his car after drinking three beers last night. It was a dumb decision.
7.William is a bad driver. Last month he …. his car into a tree.
8.Wilson didn’t have a good …. for being late this morning. He just slept for too long.
9.Before 2010, nobody had heard of Peter Smith. But after winning the Olympic gold medal, he became a …. in his home country.
10.Diamonds are …., which is one of the reasons they are valuable.

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